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Build Your Brand

Work on the Perception of Your Business
From Content to Images, Your Sales will Improve.

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Embrace Your Community

with Your Products and Services
We Have Powerful Media Products
that Provoke a "Call to Action" .

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The Opportunity

to Make an Impression with a Presentation
Will Make or Break the Deal.

We have a solution ...

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Global Potential

Clean Brand Design & Better Website Performance with Rich Media Content

We have a solution ...

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World Class

Beautiful Production Services for your Branding Needs.

The Product is clean, minimalistic styling stands out with elegant quality, typography,
and sophisticated detail
to best represent your business.

The Product is topped by a unique combination of vivid design, technology, and motion.

The American Technologies development team is highly creative with many years of best practices to share with you on your next project.


Explore the Possibilities

Website Development

Website Development

Clean Design & Responsive
Cinema Quality

Cinema Quality

Media Recording
BRAND Strategy

BRAND Strategy

Technology/ Media Consulting
Quality Audio Engineering

Quality Audio Engineering

Hear the Difference!
Bring Your Vision into FocusBring Your Vision into Focus

Bring Your Vision into Focus

"Communicate a crystal clear message about your products and your brand with our cutting edge innovative tools of today's marketplace.“

A picture was once a thousand words, today you need to say it with technology and take advantage of the many platforms of digital communication in use by virtually everyone. Take a moment and consider your next big presentation and what we can do to help make an Impact.

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  • What We Do

    Since 1995 we've been devloping great technical solutions to help your business.

  • Spotlight

    People we honor and admire in business, its our way of saying thanks.

  • Our Work

    Professional Branding that make a difference in your presentation.

  • What's New!

    Visit often because the content keeps growing...

The Quality of Work The Quality of Work

The Quality of Work
"be inspired"

Inspiration is the backbone of new momentum for you and your marketing team. The products and services that we provide will encourage the dream and vision adding to the momentum to achieve new success in today’s business. Together let’s develop the right technical media strategy for your brand.

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  • Daniel

    Daniel-Vice President, Co-Founder of American Technologies is the driving force of innovation over the past two decades. American Technologies has managed to maintain and stay ahead of the trends in technology and media, this advantage has allowed our clients to get good service that hold its value in the marketplace.

    „Whatever you do, Do It with great Passion, Focus on Excellence and you will fulfill the best of your dreams along the way . . .“

    With the right brand initiative, your products and services will sell themselves and your market team will set up an automation process for retrieving new clients and prospects because we will insure a call to action in every creation or development.


  • Cori

    Cori-CEO, Leadership in this next generation.
    A very gifted and talented person born with the knack to solve highly complex technical problems. She is very creative in content development and writing as well.

    „Given a scenario or dilemma concerning your current approach to these mediums, I can assure your path to success, by combining the best of technology, and media editing creating a strong interactive message that will represent you well. “

    Cori has managed virtually every type of product and service American Technologies provide. Cori has a solid understanding of the integration between business and the best practices when using tools of technology to represent your day to day functionality and brand..


  • Marie

    Marie-Chair, Co-Founder American Technologies and a great backbone with an acute interest in keeping the projects focused and delivered ahead of schedule. Marie is passionate about growth, consistency, and quality upon delivery.

    „I believe that everyone has a story to tell, but it needs to be told the right way and clearly more people will embrace the meaning of what you’re saying and buy into your dream . . .“

    There is something solid about keeping the project in focus along the way. It helps to secure the clarity of the client’s message resulting in 100% product satisfaction.


  • Lawrence

    Lawrence has been around it seems for a lifetime. He enjoys all of what he does from Coding to Media project development. The programs he uses to manage many of the task daily is not a problem because Lawrence loves to make sure he has the strongest hardware to accommodate these renders.

    „It’s an honor to work with a team of individuals who understand technology and the use of its capacity. There is no doubt an advantage to working with strong equipment to get the job done faster. By the time we dream it up its done . “

    Having the right tools for the job is something we take pride in here at American Technologies. From the very beginning, over 20 years ago we started our journey by building Super Computers for companies that needed servers, workstations, and other high powered computer modules to perform their task.



Serving the Needs of the Business Community

Opinions and thoughts...

  • Press 1
    „The Team of American Technologies has produced great work for our organization. We use the content created to help further our cause and reach our community.“
  • Press 2
    „We helped to facilitate a Global Youth Initiative covering two countries and American Technologies captured it all. Thanks for your great work!“
  • Press 3
    „Good Media is the way to go here in the state of Georgia with our growing Film Industry, The AT helped me to relay this message throughout our Technical College System.“
  • Press 4
    „Words cannot express the good partnership that we have with American Technologies, when we need them they are there for us to provide high quality services.“
  • Press 5
    „We use the Website and Media Services of American Technologies, we have worked with them for many years and look forward to many more.“
  • Press 6
    „This Team has produced over two dozen TV Commercials for my practice and did an excellent job in creating and keeping my website on the cutting edge.“
  • Press 7
    „Being a producer is demanding and the support in media and other technical services I get from the AT Team help me to meet the demands in my industry.“
  • Press 8
    „American Technologies did a great job helping capture the 2015 HOPE Global Forum featuring our Key Note Speaker: President Bill Clinton. Great team and good service.“
  • Press 9
    „For quite a while we have used American Technologies to create course recruitment products for many of our departments, they have delivered Award Winning Products.“
  • Press 10
    „Outstanding best describes the coverage of our Stakeholders Meeting Event and the post production services we receive from American Technologies each year.“
  • Press 11
    „We have worked with the American Technologies team to celebrate our Senior VP Vikki Palmer and the products and services of AT were excellent!“
  • Press 12
    „American Technologies helped us to capture high quality content that our marketing team uses to promote our vision. They're very easy to work with and the products are great.“