Youth in Media

The Program

Videography - The means of visual expression

In July Our COO Cori Fowler won a Pepsi Refresh Initiative grant.
This grant was based upon the idea of giving back to a community in need of a higher level of education.


This new knowledge could lead to an enriched career path as well as economic empowerment for the students involved. At American Technologies we stand firm behind our people and believe that everyone deserves a chance to have a skillset that could be lifesaving.


The Youth in media Program is not only about getting superior skills in the arts of Video, Photography, and Web Media, but it also has business connotations embedded within the core of its curriculum.


In this structured curriculum utilizing a team of media professionals, Youth In Media nurtures and challenges creative communication.

Beginning with the focus of “Capturing the Moment”, the course will teach the learning participants the technical dynamics of using a camera, lighting and other aspects of video production and the importance of knowing the tools in actualized production sessions.


Throughout the training course, the students will learn all of the different stages of a video production, from its initial development stages to marketing and distribution.


At the end of the course, internship opportunities will be available to the program graduates through collaborating media companies. This will not be the end; this is just the beginning.


This initial training course will be facilitated at Towers High School in Decatur Georgia. The vision for the Youth In Media Program is to provide several trainings throughout the year.


And over the next three (3) years, to a permanent facility and an official 501(c)3 status along with extending its reach to the unemployed and under skilled less fortunate individuals.


Overall Course:

In summary, classes will be held 3 days per week. However, this time schedule does not include field trips or real-time exercises. Additional group activities outside of class times may include, but not limited to, extended media production/editing sessions.
Prior to the midterm report, the list of field exercises and guest speakers will be revealed.


The following is a list of topics to be included in the official curriculum:
• History of Film & Video
• Field of Depth
• Understanding Lux
• Motion Control & Operating on the Fly
• Workstations & Editing Tools
• Workstations & Special Effects
• Professional Points of Light
• Audio Engineering & Balancing Levels
• Patchwerk Recording Studios Presentation
• Chroma Keying – Green/Blue
• Teleprompting – “Is It Really That Easy?”
• Chroma-Key Editing
• Working in Different Environments – Indoor
• Video Editing 101
• Understanding the Value of Your Skillset


Program Supporters


The Pepsi Refresh Project ( is a groundbreaking effort to foster innovation in social good. This year, Pepsi will award $20 million to the best ideas for moving communities forward. Beginning today, January 13, individuals can apply for grants to benefit projects of their own design in one of six categories: Health, Education, Food & Shelter, Neighborhoods, Arts & Culture, and the Planet. Through an online, democratic process, the public will determine the winning grants every month.


Atlanta Business League

The Atlanta Business League fosters the growth, creation and development of successful business enterprises owned, operated and managed by African-Americans in metropolitan Atlanta. Our relationship with The Atlanta Business League is just a bit more than a business and professional mentoring support base for the program.


The Atlanta Business League provides monthly events, and business seminars that American Technologies provides media coverage and editing services for. As part of the program the students will travel and get hands on real time experience in this field of expertise.


American Technologies

American Technologies, an IT and Media based company is supporting this project and will provide reinforced skillsets,consulting,and technical expertise in the needed areas to ensure the true success of this program. 


Youth Vibe

Youth V.I.B.E. provides free academic enrichment in math, science and English at DeKalb Transition Academy, Towers High School, Martin Luther King High School, Southwest DeKalb High School and The Mohammed Schools of Atlanta.


The program continues to provide teens with interactive components to business mentoring including guest speakers and corporate tours. The relationship with Youth V.I.B.E. is a perfect amendment to the existing program at Towers High School. The Youth in Media Program will extend the array of services already provided.


Patchwerk Recording Studios

Patchwerk Recording Studios is an Icon in the sound recording and music Industry. The company has been around for many years and has been responsible for recording many of today’s hit making Artist. Tips, Tricks,
and Professional Audio Techniques by these masters of the art will be an added plus to this dynamic curriculum.


Program Director

Cori D. Fowler

In brief, Cori has a long working history with practical application in Technology and has many years of expertise in media, editing,and presentation. Cori is enthusiastic about sharing her creative gifts with others interested in graphics and the media arts. Cori Fowler currently holds a professional position with American Technologies as chief operation officer. Cori is the lead instructor in the Youth In Media Project.