Professional Color Grading

Using Color Grading and Audio Engineering in Post Production

Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally. Color grading encompasses both colorcorrection and the generation of artistic color effects, while professional Audio Engineering locks the magic in on a perfect production. Together both of these technologies and professional techniques will make the difference between who will pay attention and how they will pay attention to your Media Product.
Black-and-white focuses on the content and the story, and it really concentrates your attention on what’s in the frame. All too often, color can be a distraction — it’s easier to make color look good, but harder to make color service the story. Black-and-white imagery is much more about the balance between the light and shade in the frame, and I think it can help convey story points a lot better with fewer distractions. – Roger Deakins
We have built our media production, editing, and shooting based upon the clarity, color capture, and color grading in post of the American Technologies projects. We have noticed a bright satisfaction with our clients over the many years and return purchases by our customers because of our professional grading and audio engineering.
Let the post production process of Color Grading "Seal the Deal" for your project. - American Technologies


Outsource Your Color Correction

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Photographers, Editors, Videographers American Technologies is in the business of making your images work for you. We have been working with the technologies that work. Color Grading is an important part of all post production projects in photography, film, and video, it brings out the best in what have captured. Get your colors balanced correctly with a style that will make your client’s come back again.
American Technologies can make your project “Pop” with the grade you are trying to achieve.