Super Tuesday Winner

Super Tuesday Conference is a program designed to host business and professional women from throughout
the metro Atlanta community during its Annual Super Tuesday series of events and workshops.

Twenty-six years ago, the Women In Business Committee of the Atlanta Business League decided to create a forum for African-American women business owners and professionals to interact. They solicited the support of Mayor Shirley Franklin who was then the Chief Operating Officer for the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Commissioner Michael Lomax.


Being a woman and understanding the plight of women across the board, Ms. Franklin was responsible for providing the first $5,000 grant to the Women in Business Committee for the first Super Tuesday program in 1984.


This year our very own Marie Fowler has won the Super Tuesday Award in the category of "Success Against the Odds".



A proud Haitian born individual, Marie J. Fowler literally was raised in a one-room island hut, caring for three other siblings from as early as age six.


Marie J. Fowler came to the United States at age 16 only to begin work and school with the sole agenda to financially assist the rest of her family, beginning with her mother and father and extending to each of her siblings, in Haiti.


Through her labor, Marie Fowler paved the way for the entire family to make the miraculous journey to the United States and ultimately U.S. Citizenship. After college in 1995 Marie Fowler married, and with $0 start-up capital, founded American Technologies, then, a small computer manufacturing company.



Over the past fifteen years as CEO, Marie Fowler has been very instrumental in helping the company to make millions while home schooling and raising her six children. Marie Fowler speaks four languages, but most of all, the language of Success… Against the Odds. ”



From its very roots, American Technologies is a true success story.
Daniel Fowler, on welfare, and Marie Fowler, in flight in pursuit of economic freedom, joined in matrimony without courting over a one-month period.


The purpose of their union was to provide a stable foundation for their children and to launch a generational momentum of freedom. Free to think, free to live, and free to choose their economy.


Technology and business happened to be the sum of her life at that time and a way off the self-looping conveyer belt of life where we sometimes find ourselves. The driving force of Marie’s life has been purpose.


Having purpose, for Marie, has given her the path she has traveled and influenced her direction without looking back, she may not have realized, her incredible journey of success against the odds.


This is why we truly believe that it is her time.
Congratulations Marie Fowler on this wonderful achievement.